Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"From the 1880's through the Great Depression until after World War II, hobos used a system of simple markings on fences, posts, sidewalks, buildings, trestles, and railroad equipment to aid those of their kind in finding help or avoiding trouble. These signs were usually written in coal or chalk to let others know what to expect in the area. A cat with a smiling face and a big heart meant a Kind Hearted Woman lived there who would help those in need of a handout of food or safe place to sleep."

All well and good for hobos, but I am rather upset that somehow MY house has been given this same "kindhearted woman" designation--but for cats instead of hobos.

First that horrible ginger cat "Gordon" showed up, hanging around my front door and escorting Softie to the bus stop each morning. Sometimes he'd greet her in the afternoon as well! I've also seen him chatting with the British One and getting lots of scratches behind the ears and belly rubs. It does not please me.

Well Gordon has without doubt been shooting off his mouth to the Neighborhood Kitty Association, because yesterday when Softie got home she went back outside to get the mail and a little black velvety head popped up at the garden wall and greeted her loudly. Softie, kindhearted fool that she is, greeted the black cat with several meows (Softie thinks she can speak meow, but it's worse than some of the other languages she tries to speak) and the next thing I knew, "Velvet" was lounging on the front door mat, getting a very good scratching indeed!

The "smiling cat" symbol has obviously been chalked on the sidewalk in front of my house to let all the neighborhood kitties know that Softie is just a big, well...softie. She's simply way too friendly with strangers. This must stop.

I must get outdoors and erase the symbol before it goes any further.

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